Brand Engagement and Why Engaging with Your Initial Following is Vital for Further Growth

vlad rigenco brand engagement

Within the business landscape, it is not enough for a company to be successful, it is also critical for it to develop a positive reputation along the way, taking the time to strategically engage with consumers. Brand engagement is vital to cultivating a sense of attachment between a particular brand and the individuals that interact with it regularly. 

Vlad Rigenco, the Founder of Dood, a revolutionary new streaming app that will allow its users to live-stream over multiple platforms simultaneously, has an overview of explaining why it is essential for every company to prioritize brand engagement, to expand its initial following of customers.

Improved Customer Relations

Brand engagement is a form of customer service, as it allows for the interactions between a brand and its customers to be highly personalized. From real-time responses provided by customer service agents to the way that a company engages with its following through a social media homepage.

Social media, in particular, can be one of the best avenues to pursue when trying to uphold brand engagement within your company. Although this strategy represents an investment of time and money, it is a powerful means to enhance your consumer base. Vlad Rigenco claims that taking the time to interact with customers drives retention and enhances brand loyalty. Engagement encourages action, which translates to increased sales and revenue.

Improved Internal Performance

It is crucial to consider that internal marketing is just as important as external marketing. As with any other form of brand engagement, the  time invested by a company with their employees has a proven track record for positive results. When employees know that they are in good hands, they will, in turn, show that they care about the company through everything that they do, from their duties to customer interaction. When employees are motivated to perform well, they are more inclined to provide top quality service and foster positive communication with consumers.

Improving Your Professional Reputation

Whatever forms of customer engagement you choose to pursue, it is critical to understand that they all represent investments in their own right. In the same way that you choose to allocate time and money into your customers and employees to strengthen your relationship with them, the payoffs from this investment, chiefly the improved customer and employee experiences are investments into your company’s reputation. 

These positive experiences will provide your brand with a positive reputation amongst your peers, and are consequently a highly effective form of marketing. They demonstrate that your brand is doing exactly what it says it is going to do, rather than deluding potential consumers. Overall, brand engagement will serve to help you stand out from the crowd, and in the competitive world of business, this is a useful advantage.
As the Founder of Dood, Vlad Rigenco is a visionary entrepreneur, having had a quick-start at life at a very young age. He quickly developed the skills necessary to become highly successful, from a strong sense of leadership to the tenacity of seeing the creation of a new business through to the end.