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A Brief Overview of Live Streaming Content

Although the medium of film has only been around for a little over a century, it has seen rapid, sweeping advancements in the years since its inception. One such advancement that has occurred in recent years is the invention of live streaming, and it has proved to be an inventive, captivating new way to experience video. 

vlad rigenco brand engagement

Brand Engagement and Why Engaging with Your Initial Following is Vital for Further Growth

Within the business landscape, it is not enough for a company to be successful, it is also critical for it to develop a positive reputation along the way, taking the time to strategically engage with consumers. Brand engagement is vital to cultivating a sense of attachment between a particular brand and the individuals that interact with it regularly. 

vlad rigenco live streaming

Vlad Rigenco Explains Why We Are Slowly Favoring Live Streaming Content Over Traditional TV

As we have come to understand it through hindsight, the 20th century was the golden age of television. As the most advanced form of technology for home entertainment at the time, TV quickly became a staple of modern living.

Advantages and disadvantages of changing careers

Vlad Rigenco Analyzes the Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Careers

In a world with endless possibilities, career changes are very tempting, especially with new career prospects coming along with new technologies and industries. Vlad Rigenco has experience in marketing, investment, and business practices. He is set to launch a new mobile application of his own, Dood Inc., which aims at showcasing individual talent and skills to businesses and organizations on a live stream platform.

Why most startups fail

Vlad Rigenco Explains Why Most Startups Fail

Vlad Rigenco of Vaughan, Ontario is a real estate agent turned businessman, and is now starting his own mobile app to help connect individuals to potential employers, businesses, and organizations. Dood Inc., too be launched at the end of 2019, will be a live stream platform that will allow individuals to showcase their skills and talents, while also allowing businesses to search for potential candidates by industry.

Networking and why it is important

Networking and Why It Is Important

They say it is all about who you know and not what you know, and while that’s not entirely true, it still holds merit. Having a well-established network has become an important part of growing and fostering a successful career, regardless of what industry you work in.

Three major mistakes to avoid as a start up entrepreneur

3 Major Mistakes to Avoid as a Start-up Owner According to Vlad Rigenco

Everybody makes mistakes. But when you are starting a new business, you want to try and keep the errors to a minimum, should they become costly further down the line. Luckily, countless entrepreneurs have walked this road before you, and many of them have committed common mistakes that the rest of us can learn from. 

How to get involved in charity organizations

Vlad Rigenco on How to Get Involved in Charity Organizations In The GTA

All of us have a moral duty to ourselves on how we can help the society around us or even the environment. We often get so submerged in our 9 to 5 busy lives we forget to give back. For some businesses giving charity is an act of sponsorship, an ethical duty in society; something that must be done. For others it is about morality, an inner quest to help those in need.

Tip for launching a startup

Tips for Launching a Startup as a Young Entrepreneur

Beginning any new journey in life is a gamble, whether it be attending post secondary education, starting a new career, getting into new relationships, or even buying a house. Every step requires a certain degree of risk to be taken where an individual has to balance out the pros and cons of each scenario. 

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